The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has become the first world leader to speak with the U.S. President-Elect, Joe Biden and the history-making vice president elect, kamala Harris. Trudeau, after initially tweeting his congratulatory message on Saturday and following it up with an official message, called Biden to personally congratulate him. His call came even as Trump alleges falsely that he won the elections and has filed multiple lawsuits to block the counting in Pennsylvania, the state that put Biden over the threshold of 270 electoral votes.

The Prime Minister said in a  conference in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, “We have confidence in the American electoral process as it has unfolded.” He further noted, “I was pleased to congratulate president-elect Biden on the weekend. We will continue to work with the current American administration until Jan. 20, after which we will work with the new administration.” Trudeau stated that he has no regrets calling Biden while Trump has not conceded. He stated that it was “important to remind people of the strength of American democratic systems and the institutions designed to evaluate and analyze election results, tabulate election results.”

While other world leaders such as Boris Johnson of UK, Angela Merkel of Germany and others have tweeted their congratulatory messages, they have not spoken to the president-elect and his vice-president-elect. Biden will be the third president Trudeau would be working with. Trudeau has been in office since 2015 with his party winning reelection in 2019 without winning the majority in parliament.


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