(The Political Scientist) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has weighed in on the recent revelation that several high-ranking government officials travelled out of the country during the holidays. Their travels occurring at a time when the government urged the public to stay at home and minimize unnecessary travels. All of these travels were at odds with public health directives angering the public which played their role to heed those directives.

Trudeau stated, “No one should be vacationing abroad right now,” he said. “So many people gave up so much more than just a vacation over the holidays. There’s a reason so many Canadians made those tough, but responsible decisions. There’s a reason so many Canadians did their part. It was for the people around them.”

Following the increasing rate of non-essential international travels by Canadians, the federal government has promised to deny COVID-19 quarantine benefits to any Canadian who travelled out of the country for non-essential reasons. Those benefits are given for two weeks at $500 per week.

The Ontario finance minister, Rod Phillips recently resigned his position as minister when it was revealed that he travelled to a Caribbean island on a sun vacation. Brampton West MP, Kamal Khera admitted she travelled out of the country to attend memorial service for family members. She will step down from her position as parliamentary secretary following calls for her resignation.

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